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Kids in Preschool

Terms & Conditions

  • Privacy and Confidentiality
    As a client of The Faithful Nanny, you understand and agree that the privacy and confidentiality of our employees must be respected. You will not upload, take pictures, or record videos of our employees without their explicit written consent.
  • Termination for Contract Violations
    Any violation of the terms outlined in this contract may result in termination of our services, subject to the discretion of The Faithful Nanny.
  • Reporting Criminal or Civil Charges
    If you become aware of any criminal or civil charges against an employee of The Faithful Nanny during their employment, you are required to report this information to the company within one week of becoming aware of the charges.
  • Compliance with Local Laws
    As a client, you agree to comply with all local laws and regulations pertaining to the employment of domestic workers, including but not limited to taxes, insurance, and other legal requirements.
  • Duty of Care
    You acknowledge that The Faithful Nanny will exercise reasonable care in selecting employees to provide services to you. However, you understand that The Faithful Nanny cannot guarantee the actions or behavior of individual employees.

Please note that our policy states that purchases are non-refundable. However, we do offer the option to transfer your purchase within 60 days of the original transaction. It's important to carefully select the service that best suits you and your family to ensure a proper fit. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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